Mobile Demo: Major Features

Covers major functionality on mobile devices as of 0.4 release as demonstrated on a postmarketOS / Phosh phone. Functionality is similar for 1.0. Also note since this video was released, UI environments support expanded from desktop Wayland, desktop X, Phosh, & Sxmo, to add the newly supported environment of Plasma Mobile. Read more about supported environments in the install guide. Read about general application usage in the user guide.

Mobile Demo: UI Gestures

Covers UI gestures on mobile devices as of the 1.0 release. Functionality is similar across mobile devices supporting multitouch gestures. Read more in the user guide about multitouch gestures.

Desktop Screencast: Writing a Custom Mepolang Script

Screencast covering how to write a simple script using mepolang. You can learn more by viewing the mepolang guide or viewing the scripting guide.

Desktop Screencast: Savestate & User Configuration

Screencast covering how savestate and end-user configuration function. You can learn more at the user guide section covering this functionality as well.

Desktop Screencast: 0.1 Release Features (historical)

Covers major functionality on desktop as of 0.1 release. This is mainly a historical video to show early functionality of the application early in development.